Ambulance &  URGENT CARE

Ambulance & Urgent Care

At Chiron Ambulance Service, we know that every day someone will be counting on us to rush lifesaving emergency medical services to themselves or a family member. We also know that a person will trust us to move their loved one between medical facilities.

Through our medical services and healthcare services, every day we add value to the communities we serve. 

When it comes to providing ambulance service, there’s no second chance to get it right. Whether it’s responding to the scene of an accident, transporting a critical care patient, providing life-saving training through one of our partner programs, or being the on-site medical team for a concert or event, Chiron strives to be a trusted partner.


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Inter-Facility Transport

We can assist you if your loved one has to be transferred between facilities or has an unique need for ambulance transport. On-site ambulance and skilled treatment are provided by Chiron. We can provide medical services on location, ranging from a single ambulance to a fully staffed medical tent.

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The lives we touch every day are our main focus at Chiron Ambulance Service. Our clients are more than just people in need; they are our friends, neighbors, and classmates. Because of our ties to the community, we never lose sight of the fact that the people we serve are our top priority.

Ambulance Services

Our top priorities are providing high-quality patient care and excellent customer service. Here are a few of the values that motivate us.













Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first visit. What should i do?

Call us to speak to any of our friendly front desk personnel and let them know this is your first time at Chiron. You will fill an electronic registration form and indicate your mode of payment: whether cash or on credit based on your insurance or employer coverage

Do you do tele-consultations?
Yes, we do. Using Televisit on our EHR software. It is very easy to use and accessible from your patient portal.
You can either call to schedule an appointment or walk in at any time to see a GP. Any walk ins after our normal office hours is considered an emergency visit
How do I schedule a medical appointment with a specialist at Chiron
Please call us on any of our numbers or fill the online appointment form. You can also send an email to or fill the contact form below.
Are visitors permitted while I am on admission?
For patient safety, we permit visitors only during visiting hours. These hours depend on the location of the admission: high dependency unit, intensive care unit or ward.
Can I see any specialist without a referral?
Yes, you can
Can a specialist be seen on the same day I make the initial call?
Potentially. Some of our specialists run clinics everyday including the cardiologist, endocrinologist, nutritionists, and so on. If you call on the day of an ongoing specialist clinic, e.g. haematology, we will try our best to conveniently schedule you in for a Same Day Visit

What to Expect From Your Visit

You can rest easy in the knowledge that your care and the care of your loved ones is in the very best hands. In fact, all our staff are domain experts in their own right, creating a true collaboration of experts working for you.