About Us

Healthcare Centered Around You

Combining smart technology with modern, welcoming facilities, Chiron delivers a uniquely seamlessly experience with virtual and in-person appointments, primary care, urgent care, mental care and specialist clinics

Our Culture

At Chiron, we believe strongly in the values we impart upon our team. These values define and describe the way in which we approach patient-care; and they constitute our culture


Patient-centrered care


Patient Safety









Making good healthcare accessible to all

Chiron is a modern medical provider located in Nigeria. In emerging cities, we are bridging the gap between good healthcare and patients.

We patient-centric and quality obssessed.

Mental Health

Book an appointment to see a psychologist or behavioural therapist at Chiron. We are here to support you.

Prescriptions at your doorstep

Get your medications sent straight to your chosen destination: at home, at work — whatever works for you.


“We are making high-quality healthcare more accessible to all.”

Chiron had its humble beginnings in 2019, starting off as a corporate healthcare service provider under sister-company, Lagos Executive Cardiovascular Centre (LECC), but quickly grew into its own brand. As part of Apline Group, Chiron aims to be regarded as a respected and trusted provider of primary care, acute care and chronic care specialised medical services by patients and doctors.

Our focus on deliberate and exacting healthcare stretches from the skills of our doctors to the care of the patients, from the empathy of our nursing staff to the high standards of our facilities, from the meticulous maintenance of our world-class technology to upholding the best ethical practices.


By focusing on a patient-centred team approach to improve quality and safety of care, we have established a culture of quality that permeates every aspect of our hospital. Our dedication to excellence in healthcare is evidenced by the quality of our facilities and our approach to clinical quality.

We are removing traditional boundaries in healthcare in frontier cities, by meeting you where you are. We are expanding our reach, no matter who you are. Starting from Lagos, and positioned to expand to Kano, we hope to see and serve you.

Our Medical Services

From preventive care to mother and child services to chronic disease management and mental health support, we are always looking out for our patients.

An Untypical Provider

We by your side 24/7 to help you, take you through your care plan, or get you back on track.


One Stop Clinic


Clinical outcomes transparently measured and reported


Simple scheduling


Access to all your data via your patient app